Friendships Over Relationships . . . Right?

My best friends tend not to overlap with each other. They all tend to belong to their own friendship circles. In each circle I am generally a recurring character, but rarely a season's regular. That is not to say my friends don't get along; we just don't hang out all together at the same time - unless I'm hosting a New Year's Eve party.

My college best friend happens to have membership in a friendship group based in the D.C. beltway. They maintain a sporadic GroupMe where they can group text about meeting up for drinks or road tripping to visit old college friends. Somehow I got inducted into this group. I really can't remember why; the majority of the friends live within 30 miles of each other, and I live 94 miles away in Richmond.

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The Read Receipt: Read This

Two days ago my friend texted me complaining that the guy she's talking to hasn't turned off his read receipts. Read receipts, for those of you not in possession of a Smartphone, is the phenomenon where you send a text and can then see that your friend/crush/enemy/dad read the text at 6:38 PM.

Nifty, right?

Wrong. Because why aren't they replying? Okay, they're probably making dinner . . . now eating dessert . . . now watching TV, maybe cleaning the dishes . . . checking Facebook . . . showering . . . WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO RESPOND?

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