Swipe Right With Your Credit Card? You Can Now Pay for Tinder

We're surprised it's not trending on Facebook yet, but Tinder - the grimier of today's dating apps - has launched a subscription service. As in, you will need to pay to swipe right if you want certain perks. You know, because you've met so many gems on Tinder that a subscription will totally be worth it.

What does this mean for us American twenty-somethings?

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Sneak Peek: Tinder Swiping

Recently Sara and I were interviewed about online dating. On camera, I was asked to narrate how I browse Tinder. So tonight, I bring you exclusive insight into what I think as I come across all that Tinder has to offer.

Dennia, 22.Blah intro photo. Her bio is mildly interesting except for the "IG: @Dennia." Like, I am on Tinder, not eHarmony; I am not switching apps to look at the granola cereal you had this morning. Left.

Stacey, 23."I called my professor a misogynist piece of shit while drunk at my school's talent show and that's pretty much all you need to know about me." Missing a comma there, Stacey. But you're edgy. Right.

(It's a match!)

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Sara and Cazey Take TV

A little over one month ago, we launched As Told Over Brunch as our new joint endeavor. We wanted to do something special for our month-long anniversary and were kicking around lots of ideas. Our decision was made much easier with one email from a local news reporter asking to interview us for a special she's making.

Very cool! However, a little hesitation on both sides because (drumroll please)....she wanted to talk about online dating, a topic we cover regularly on our blog. We automatically said yes, as what better way to commemorate a month of joint ownership than taking on a television interview together? However, we did have a two minor concerns beforehand:


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