Brunch Review: Deep Ellum

Last month I had the opportunity to go up to Boston to visit my friend Petrina who was previously mentioned on this blog as someone who doesn’t believe in free pizza. Petrina is not typically a planner, but for my visit, she set out to create an itinerary for our weekend together.

Knowing I run a brunch blog, she knew we had to get brunch upon my arrival Saturday morning, and I wasn’t going to object. She sent me three options. She described them as 1.) “$$ hipsters,” 2.) “$ (if you do brunch special) and yuppie socialities”, and 3.) “$$ normal young people.”

I Googled the options. Number two’s website had a broken URL for their menu, so that was out. And number three sounded boring. Normal young people? Who wants that?

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Travel Refreshes Your Perspective

As I sit here, staring out at the setting sun across the San Fransisco skyline, my inspiration is renewed. There's something about being entrenched in the hustle of a place like San Fransisco. And while I've only been here for about eight hours, and seen little more than the view from my hotel window, the local ABC station and a very fancy French restaurant, I like it here. I wish I could have taken a picture of my meal tonight, as it was perfect in every way that you could hope for, however, I wasn't in a setting which Instagramming your food seemed appropriate.

Maybe it's the fact I've been awake now since 3AM, and according to my internal clock, we're quickly approaching midnight and I'm delusional. Maybe it's the Mumford and Son's I'm currently humming along to, but there's nothing I would quite change about this scenario. The shower had a fancy head, huge fluffy white towels greeted me upon my exit, and I have my choice between two equally soft white beds. But this is feeling like a dream.

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