Sara and Cazey Take TV

A little over one month ago, we launched As Told Over Brunch as our new joint endeavor. We wanted to do something special for our month-long anniversary and were kicking around lots of ideas. Our decision was made much easier with one email from a local news reporter asking to interview us for a special she's making.

Very cool! However, a little hesitation on both sides because (drumroll please)....she wanted to talk about online dating, a topic we cover regularly on our blog. We automatically said yes, as what better way to commemorate a month of joint ownership than taking on a television interview together? However, we did have a two minor concerns beforehand:


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    New Sleep Recommendations Mean What?

    If you don't get on Facebook, congratulations. But if you do, then you've probably noticed in the last couple of days that the National Sleep Foundation is trending. And maybe this is also trending in national news, but I'm in grad school, and I don't read it if it's not on PubMed or Facebook.

    Apparently, the National Sleep Foundation - the real experts on sleep after the Tooth Fairy and Boogeyman - updated their recommendations for how much we need to sleep. And let's be real, I saw this article on Facebook after midnight when I had to be up in less than seven hours. After all, what is life? And what is grad school? Lo siento, National Sleep Foundation, who say I need 7 - 9 hours of sleep.

    You would think if they're going to update the sleep recommendations, they would at least be realistic. I scrolled through looking for confirmation that it really is healthy I run six or less hours and iced coffee. Alas, no. In fact, we need more sleep.

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    Shutterbug Selfie

    Last Saturday my two friends and I grabbed dinner at a neighborhood restaurant. It's a small family place as in, every customer is someone you may have seen on the sidewalk while walking your dog or driving to the grocery store.

    I noticed an older gentleman seated smack dab in the center of the restaurant - reading a newspaper. Mind you, it's 8:30 PM on a Saturday (though if we're judging, I should add that my friends and I ordered a mimosa pitcher). And by older, I don't mean octogenarian-maybe-he's-a-widower status. More like he could be a silver fox.

    This prompted my friend to say that she always fears eating out alone because she's afraid people will judge her. "When I was younger, I used to say that's one of the reasons I have to get married, so I'll never have to go to dinner alone."

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