Why is "Wedding Season" in the Summer?

My uncle got married this summer. Last summer, my two cousins both got married during the summer months. As did my childhood best friend. In previous summers, my other two cousins got married in the summer. As did what I estimate millions of people, because summer is "wedding season."

I took to the streets with my journalistic integrity and surveyed at least one person about why people all get married in the summer. The answers I got were because that's when people plan and expect to travel, because more people are off during the summer (teachers, it's just teachers and their students) and that people don't want to get married when it's cold.

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The Top 4 Truths About Engagement

By Ginny Latham*

It’s 1:45 on a Monday; my Chipotle lunch is begging me not to recommence my workday, so I wander over to peruse my various social media channels when all of a sudden it shows up. The huge ring and even bigger smile of my neighbor in 2nd grade who moved to California and went through a (longer than acceptable) Ricky Martin phase is engaged.

Lucky for us, social media allows us to stay in touch with our closest friends/everyone we've ever encountered. Thanks to the “Facebook friend request everyone I meet” phase in high school, or even better – the summer-before-freshman-year desperate Facebook rampage to find a college roommate – we truly can stay in touch with everyone. 

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