The Virginia Flag is Totally Underrated

Cazey once wrote about the intense state-ism (you know, like nationalism but for your state) that Maryland-ers feel. Essentially, they get that flag tattooed on themselves, wear it in every form of clothing possible, hang it on their walls, and set it as their phone backgrounds. They love it. And it got me wondering:

Why doesn't Virginia have the same intense love for our state flag?

We're a badass state for lots of reasons. First off, we were kind of a big deal in the whole formation of this country. Lots of important historical figures lived and died here. And while I don't flaunt this as a positive, it's the old capital of the Confederacy, which means we're overflowing with intense amounts of historical landmarks.

Virginia is home to a robust amount of culture, from rednecks in the mountains to bustling city people by the capitol. Here in Richmond alone, we've got an awesome craft beer culture, tattoo and art scene, we're ranked as one of the up-and-coming places for jobs, we take pride in our local restaurant scene, we've got quick access to the James, but also a lively music and nightlife scene. For people like me who like to do everything, see everything, try anything and want all the world at their fingertips, Richmond is it.

Scroll a little over into the mountains, and you've got a path of impressively awesome public universities that draw people from all over the country for their positive reputation and affordable price tags. Plus, the actual mountains themselves are gorgeous for those who like to walk, hike, bike and camp. I don't love two out of four of those, but even I adored the terrain up at school.

Hop on the interstate and up North you'll find a huge population of hardworking NOVA-ites, where the bustling city life appeases those who want a bit more pace than Richmond. Hop on the interstate and head down to Virginia Beach for a beach that can be super touristy or super relaxed depending on your mood. Really, Virginia has it all. Shouldn't we take pride in that a bit more?

I think so. And I think we could pull off the hilariously overdone pride of Maryland's flag, because we're working with a piece of gold as our flag. I mean, check this beauty out:

That's right: a woman is standing on the body of a man. Who doesn't want a bit of female empowerment on their state flag? She's a total badass. And did you notice her boob? We're the only state with nudity on our flag, which makes our flag that much more legendary. If that's not enough, she's got a spear and could easily stab another guy if needed. I'm just ready for the revised version of this flag with this hard-ass woman standing on a pile of men's bodies. 

If you read the Wikipedia page for the flag like I did, you'll learn that she is a figure of domination over tyranny. Yup, our state flag is basically screaming FREEDOM. And that's something we all enjoy doing.

If people started making the Virginia flag on t-shirts, I'm pretty sure I'd be first in line. And if no one makes this flag into shirts, I'll probably do it myself since this is seeming like a niche market that has yet to be tapped into. Let's rally, Virginians, and show Maryland who really has more state pride.