Why is "Wedding Season" in the Summer?

Disclaimer: I have LOVED every wedding I've been to, support fully any wedding that the couple wants and don't want people to get upset by the fact that I don't like sitting outside in the prime heat of the summer. That's just my opinion, and it should bother you not at all as long as you are happy and enjoyed your wedding, or your future summer wedding. I still have fun at summer weddings, it's just  interesting to me that summer is THE time to get married.

My uncle got married this summer. Last summer, my two cousins both got married during the summer months. As did my childhood best friend. In previous summers, my other two cousins got married. From my limited sample size, it was all during the summer. And on a greater scale, I presume millions of people, because summer is "wedding season."

I took to the streets with my journalistic integrity and surveyed at least one person about why people all get married in the summer. The answers I got were because that's when people plan and expect to travel, because more people are off during the summer (teachers; it's just teachers and their students), and that people don't want to get married when it's cold.

Well, guess what, I don't like being hot. I don't like outdoor summer weddings.

"Hey everyone, let's wear floor length dresses and three piece tuxes and sit outside under the baking sun for a few hours! Sounds good everyone?! Perfect."

Outdoor Summer Weddings: A major face palm.

Just smiling through the sweat of a summer wedding.

If I'm actually going to put effort into my appearance and paint my face in makeup to watch someone make an eternal commitment to someone, I'd much prefer for it all not to melt off me as soon as I get to the ceremony.

Oh, you'd like to take 700 pictures of me in high definition for the wedding scrapbook? Good, please just zoom right in to the sweat dripping off my face.

I feel bad for myself at some outdoor summer weddings, as I sit there in a cute strapless dress sweating, but I feel downright terrible for the men who are dressed to the nines in tuxedos. Not only are those suckers layered in multiple garments, but most often the suits are black or dark blue. Poor bastards.

Beyond the general sweatiness of summer weddings, there are other negatives too. I'm a pretty busy human being in the summers because I like going to concerts and other weekend excursions with my friends, and most festivals and excursions are planned on the weekends of summer. Just like that, your wedding is just another weekend excursion.

But if you put your wedding in October or November, I haven't got anything to do. Rather than it being a conflict or "just another thing I've got to do," it becomes an event I look forward to. Your deserve for me to feel that way about your special day, so let's plan for any of the seasons other than summer.

I've done zero research on the topic, since I'm not in the market for a wedding currently, but I'm going to assume -- using the basic principles of supply and demand -- that because everyone is trying to wed during the summer, it would be cheaper to not get married then. Considering industry standard for a wedding is stacks on stacks of bills with some extra G's on the side (also didn't look up how much weddings are, but know it's a shit ton), why wouldn't you want to spend less overall based on seasonality?

Am I right or what? But really, I would love for feedback on what's the deal with summer weddings other than perhaps a foreboding symbol of the hot hell of commitment that the couple is about to enter into. Just kidding, weddings and marriages are great!

Now tell me in the comments why you like or dislike summer weddings.