sara woznicki

Sara Woznicki:

Writer with a penchant for brunch, travel, live music and local craft brews.

Sara is a passionate content strategist with experience in digital marketing, social media campaigns, content management, blogging, copywriting and public relations management.

Content writing samples:


Sara manages the team of freelance writers to create audience-focused, business driven web content. Sara leads the strategy from the beginning -- keyword analysis and topic ideation -- through execution -- project management and payment. Sara has led the creation of over 175 new pieces of content, as well as reviewing existing content. Below is a sample of content pieces Sara has authored for

Sara also manages all social media channels and public relations outreach. Since Sara began, she has grown social media channels exponentially, with more than 6.5 million web sessions driven from social media within 2 years.

Sara has driven social growth through crafting targeted and researched content for audiences. Sara also manages the advertising spend, budgeting for 3 key goals: page likes, engagement and traffic.

Sara has supported over 100 media mentions through her public relations efforts over two years. Sara is an experienced press release writer, and has authored several thought leadership pieces for the CEO.  Below are a handful of acquired media mentions, as well as two thought leadership pieces and two press releases written by Sara.

as told over brunch

Sara co-owns As Told Over Brunch, LLC, a local brunch-themed blog. The blog strives to be a forum for thoughtful millennial discourse. Sara and Cazey also founded Richmond Brunch Weekend, which is now in its second year. Last year, over $12,000 was raised for Massey Cancer Center. The pair also frequently works with major companies for sponsored content, such as Warby Parker, Qrunch Foods and Groupon. Here are a few of Sara's blog posts for As Told Over Brunch.


Sara has been published by a myriad of major online publications, both national and international. Below are some examples.

Sara also freelances for several clients to provide social media consultation and campaign execution. She also sometimes offers design work, video editing and other marketing needs.

  • VCU Massey Cancer Center
  • Entrust Debt Facebook Campaign
  • Ashland Berry Farms Instagram Campaign
  • Monacell Orthodontics Invitation Design
  • Personal Video Scrapbook for Client Birthday