The Slow Fade, It’s All Right By Me

My manager sent around this gem about modern dating, which was all about the new trend in relationships: fading out. It gave a few reasons as to why it’s popular: when dating seems to be getting serious, it's a prime time to bail out. Pair that with our natural inclination to use social media to constantly monitor the outside world for better options, and you've got the recipe for a quick fade out.


When I was in college, this trend slayed me. I mean – really – how hard is it to meet with me and tell me face to face why you’re not feeling it all of a sudden? I always wanted closure and rarely ever got it. The compounding factor was that I’d be friends with these guys on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and could see what they’re up to (or more importantly who they’re with), which would just throw a bit more coal on my burning fire of desire for closure.

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Travel: It's All the Same?

Up until this year, I essentially only went on vacation to a suburb in South Carolina twice a year. I had only been on a plane a handful of times: once to California, once to Hawaii and once to Florida. While the Hawaii trip sounds legit, it's relevant to note that I was in second grade. I remember the 12 hour plane ride more than the actual trip.

However, in this year alone, I have been afforded the opportunity to travel to San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Punta Cana, Indianapolis, plus a quick plane ride for personal reasons back up to Connecticut and then a long drive down to Charleston. Some have been work trips and some have been personal trips, but they've all been wonderful in their own way.

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Brunch Review: The Hill Cafe

Last weekend, I was tasked with picking a brunch place for my (now) ex- roommate and myself, so like any good brunch review blogger, I just googled, "brunch in Richmond," and went from there. The first few, I had been to (like Helens), so I kept scrolling until I found one that seemed interesting. The Hill Cafe caught my attention, mainly because of a scenic picture it displayed. 

Once I clicked through to their menu, I was impressed by the options, and was also surprised to see that it didn't open until 11:30am. My roommate and I settled for it, since it had sandwiches (she likes sandwiches more than standard breakfast foods), was in Church Hill (a neighborhood we don't frequent) and was a place we'd never been.

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