Want to work with Sara and Cazey of As Told Over Brunch? We're happy to help. Some of the services we can provide (this isn't inclusive, and we're always open to new ideas):

  • Sponsored blog content
  • Events promotion and day-of appearances
  • Guest speaking
  • Social media consulting
  • Media appearances/video appearances

Email us at astoldoverbrunch@gmail.com if you're interested!

Brands we've worked with:

Other Services We Provide:

Are you a college student and looking for some help? We've been there. And we're there for you! Some ways we can help:

  • Guest blog for us (it's a great real-world, resume-building opportunity)
  • Let us check out your resume and give you some advice (we're cheap, thorough, and trained)
  • Mock Skype Interviews (it'll be weird, but useful)