How Music Feels

This past summer was the first time I went to multiple (well, any, actually) country concerts. These were a staple in many of my friends' lives. The huge pregame, lawn seats, cowboy boots, sundresses and airplane bottles tucked into every nook and cranny for the show. I mostly followed suit, minus the attire. And it was great! I saw Luke Bryan and questionably another artist. We were all the way in the back, so when the duet (or tri-et?) he does with Florida Georgia Line began, it was easy to convince myself that Florida Georgia Line actually showed up. Sober Sara knows they didn't, but at the time, I thought I was having a heart attack because it was the best thing that happened all day.

Where I am going with this is that country concerts are a blast. There's an expectation of alcohol, you get to be outdoors, with all your friends and in the presence of music. But they are nothing compared to an indie/alternative rock concert.

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Here's the key to making it through work today

Cazey texted me a link to this album this morning, and it's been a stellar addition to my work day today. So stellar that I wanted to share it on here, which I usually don't do. I think I speak for both of us when I say it's highly recommended:

My only real problem with this album is that I had a chance to see it performed live and I missed out! He was at Firefly it turns out, as was I, but I didn't know about him at that time. Such a moment of FOMO and a total bummer. Here's hoping Vance Joy comes to my town, or any town near me.

Let Cazey and me know what your thoughts are about Vance's new album in the comments. Any chance you'll be buying it? I know Cazey will be buying it and giving it to me as a gift. Well, maybe not that second part of the sentence.

Meet Vance Joy.