Brunch Review: Kitchen 64

We had quite the crew this one weekend, and because I write blog reviews about where I eat brunch, it fell on my shoulders to pick our newest victim-- er, I mean location -- of the review. And this time, there were seven willing critics to pitch in their thoughts and pictures. The menu is robust (and includes mimosa pitchers), which made everyone happy right off the bat.

We'll keep this review heavy on the pictures, as they almost speak wholly for themselves (and some all of my reviewers didn't have much critique to offer, P.S. love you guys). Now, meet all the plates from around the table:

Kitchen 64 -- french toast

The plate of French toast lasted about two minutes on our table, as they were essentially inhaled. Considering this reviewer provided me with the deep statement of, "they were good," I think this is one of those times actions speak louder than words.

Kitchen 64 -- Crab cake bennies

If crab cakes are on the menu, this reviewer almost always orders them, so it was not surprising that she ordered the crab cake bennies. These were no letdown and tasted just as you'd hope they would.

Kitchen 64 -- Pancakes

Simply described as "they taste like pancakes." Short, sweet and to the point, ladies and gentlemen.

Kitchen 64 -- Prime Rib Eggs Bennies

The prime rib eggs Benedict was described as: "The flavors blended perfectly on my plate. Also, I was confused about the two pieces of asparagus on my plate." (And then the crab cake reviewer: "I forgot to eat my asparagus.")

Kitchen 64 -- Huevos Rancheros

Truth be told, I had huevos rancheros essentially picked out the night before. As I'm fiercely competing to lose weight in the Biggest Loser, I wanted something that was a bit of a cheat day treat, but not horrendous, so the huevos seemed like a good choice. But once I got there, I was strangely attracted to the prime rib eggs bennie. The waitress told me to go with the huevos, and I am so glad she did. It was fresh with the avocado and salsa, but hearty with the beans and chorizo. I could not have been any happier with my choice. As an added bonus, it was also large enough to take leftovers home, which ended up tasting just as good the next day for lunch.

The overall brunch was really idyllic. It was an over-50 degree day in Richmond in January. When you enter Kitchen 64, it's basically a wall of windows. It's really well light and cheery. We did have to wait a bit for a table, but again, traveling in groups of 7 will do that to you. And the mimosa was almost overly sour, which is interesting coming from me who usually enjoys more sour and less sweet when it comes to beverages. But those are two tiny complaints, and I'd definitely recommend this place. In fact, I'd probably rank Kitchen 64 on the top of my list of places I've been for brunch.