Brunch Review: The Savory Grain

Two Saturdays ago, my friend and I set out to brunch at a certain place only to find Google was totally wrong and they only serve brunch on Sundays. Uh. That seemed very day-ist to us.

Thankfully, the next stop on our bucket list of restaurants to “conquer” for Richmond Brunch Weekend was The Savory Grain, and they brunch both days of the weekend as everyone should. My friend and I even called to double check this fact.

I wanted to sit outside when we arrived, but my friend pointed at the sky. Sure enough, as soon as we were seated, we looked outside to see horizontal rain. It doesn’t sideways rain often, and it would have been unfortunate if we had been sipping mimosas in that.

My friend and I both ordered mimosas before our meals since The Savory Grain is giving part of their mimosa sales to Massey Cancer Center now through Richmond Brunch Weekend (so go order a Massey Mimosa this weekend!). Also, since Richmond Brunch Weekend was so close (next weekend if you’re counting, which you should be), we had to feature our mimosas in promotional photos.

As you can see from the pics, not a dime was spared on marketing materials. That flyer came straight from my printer and was designed via the artiest platform available – Microsoft Word.

My friend ordered a veggie omelet with fruit and biscuits ($8). The veggies listed on the menu were roasted red peppers, spinach, caramelized onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and feta. Toast was another option instead of a biscuit, but when presented with those choices during brunch, which would you choose?

I ordered the brisket scramble, which was a hodgepodge of hash browns, queso fresco, caramelized peppers and onions (always caramelized because #brunch), scrambled eggs, house braised brisket (as opposed to store braised?), sour cream and house-made salsa. I assume my meal is why our brunch took so long, because we finished our mimosas before food arrived, but by Gabriel, it was worth it ($14).

Scrambles will probably never look savory and/or scrumptious in pictures unless you’re using an app other Instagram, which I’m not that advanced (I mean, I used Microsoft Word for flyers…). But trust me, this scramble was mm-mm-good.

My friend enjoyed her omelet, but mentioned it did not stand out particularly against other omelets she has had.

Next weekend, for Richmond Brunch Weekend though, you shouldn’t even be ordering omelets. For the weekend, The Savory Grain will be offering four dishes priced at $10 with $2 being returned to Massey Cancer Center. One is the Screw Cancer Pancakes (strawberry sweet cream pancakes!), and another is the Massey Benny (poached eggs, spicy Hollandaise sauce, and steak!). There’s also the Krispy Kreme French Toast (a regular on their menu) and the #RVABrunchWeekend Plate (similar to the brisket scramble, but no brisket, and covered in sausage gravy and stuffed jalapenos). I bet your mouth is watering like mine. We also love how they’ve named their dishes in the spirit of the weekend!

Like I said, The Savory Grain serves brunch both Saturday and Sunday, so you could brunch here and another place the next day. Which you should. Or brunch here both days because I want those Screw Cancer Pancakes and #RVABrunchWeekend Plate.

If you're interested in brunching at The Savory Grain, then mark your calendars for Richmond Brunch Weekend, which is May 14 and 15.