Make Healthy Your Standard of Beauty [Sara's Post on Elite Daily]

From time to time, we all feel like we need to do something to make ourselves look beautiful. And sometimes, we take it too far, where it may be considered beautiful, but is also compromising our health.

Can we all join together and realize that what's good for our health should be the real standard of beauty? Read my latest post on Elite Daily with my sentiments on society's standards of beauty here:

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Cazey Got Published on Elite Daily!

Friday just became even more of a celebration because I got published on Elite Daily! This is my first article for them, and it deals with how marriage has become a dating barrier.

Please read it, like it, bop it, share it, write comments, bop it, tweet it, tell your grandma, etc. I really appreciate all the support that we get from readers - just the fact you visit our blog! Overall, this has been a big week for Sara and I since she also got published by Elite Daily on Monday.

Now, check out my article *beaming emoji*:

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Sara was Published on Elite Daily!

Today is a really happy Monday! I have exciting news to share with everyone: my first post was published on Elite Daily! In it, I explore the difference between staying somewhere and settling just because it's comfortable.

Please read it, like it (if you do in fact like it), share it and write your comments under it! I love you all forever for supporting Cazey and I as we continue to expand our blog and writing repertoire. Now go check out my first Elite Daily post :):

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